The VAE an advantage for you company

The VAE enables you to :

  • Certify the skills in your company : The VAE contributes to gaining access to new markets and developing your corporate image.
  • Motivate and retain your employees : The VAE enables your employees to acquire professional certification, to develop interest in positions held and to contribute to reinforcing their sense of belonging to the company.
  • Professionalizing, developing the employability of your employees : The VAE recognizes the qualifications acquired through work experience, opens perspectives for professional and personal development while, at the same time, securing career paths.
  • Accompanying the changes and/or internal mobility : The VAE is a real tool for the strategic workforce planning…
  • Reconfiguring the posts and functions : The VAE ensures the coherence between professional certification, the post held and the salaries.
  • Making your know-how sustainable : The VAE valorizes and renders legitimate the positions of senior employees and favorizes the transfer of their know-how towards younger employees.
  • Rationalizing the course path, gaining efficiency
  • Making the reclassification of your employees easier.

The VAE and your employees

The VAE an advantage for your employees because they gain by it :

  • Recognition of their professional value and their qualifications.
  • Satisfaction and pride both professional and personal.
  • Mastering the work for the VAE makes them more aware of their role and improves their autonomy.
  • Gaining confidence for the VAE gives them the capacity to project themselves over and above their current post.
  • Possibilities of increased opportunities for growth : the VAE gives them the possibility to change posts and evolve within the company.
  • Mobility : The VAE leads them to adapt their skills in relation with the evolutions of their career and their company.
  • Reinforcing skills : The VAE makes identification of the individual needs of the course possible and is used to target their career paths.