The Diplomas

Certificates :

  • Electrical Engineering

 Electronics, Control, Instrumentation, Power, Communications, Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics

  • Civil Engineering 

Surveying, Transportation, Hydraulic Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Soil and Foundation Mechanics, Construction Management, Transport Planning, Offshore Structures,

  • Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing, Applied Design of Solid Mechanics, Functional design of the field of dynamics, control and vibrations, Energy Conversion, Vehicle engineering, suspension and braking )and steering, Vehicle Engineering, Driving forces, Vehicle engineering, structure and body- Medical Engineering (BiomechanicsRailway Engineering

  •  Architecture Engineering

Interior, Exterior, Islamic, Iran, Project Management, Urban Planning, Restored

  • Computer Engineering

Software, Hardware, IT, E-Commerce, Information Security

  • IT Engineering

E-commerce, Information Security, Knowledge Management, Media Management, Information Systems

  • Mining Engineering

Exploration, Mining, Machinery, Materials

  • Robotics Engineering

Robot Control, Vision and Image Processing, Manufacturing, Mechatronics

  • Aerospace Engineering

Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Dynamic And Flight Control, Aerospace Engineering, Space Engineering

  • Materials Science

Metallurgy, Biomaterials, Nano-Materials, Ceramics, Casting, Welding, Mining

  • Nuclear Engineering

Reactors, Fuel Cycle, Radiation Medicine, Nuclear Fusion

  • Aeronautical Engineering

Pilot, Care Flight, Air Navigation

  • Chemistry Engineering

 Inorganic, Organic, Polymeric, Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry

  • Oil Engineering

Exploration, Drilling, Tapping

  •  Biomedical Engineering

Clinical, Bioelectrical, Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Instrumentation

  • Industrial Engineering

Planning and Systems Analysis, Manufacturing, Industrial Safety, Industrial Technology , Project Management, Financial Systems, Supply Chain and Logistics, Innovation Management

  • Textile Engineering

 Clothing, Textile Technology, Textile Chemistry and Fiber Science

  •  Agricultural Engineering

Mechanization of Agriculture, Agronomy, Horticulture, Animal Science

  • Civil Engineering

Urban planning, Urban Management

  •  Food Industry Engineering

Food Science, Food Technology, 

  • Mathematics

Pure, Applied, Statistics

  • Physics

Atomic and Molecular, Nuclear, Solid State, Meteorology, Astrophysics

  • Accounting

Auditing, Industrial, Financial, Government, Management

  • Management

Industrial, Government, Business, Finance, Urban Management, Tourism, Information Technology

  • Industrial Management

Operations Research, Production and Operations, Financial

Commercial Management, Insurance, Domestic Trade, Development, Marketing, International Marketing, Financial

  • Tourism Management

Tourism Development, Tourism Marketing

  • Government Management

Human Resources, Tax Administration, Development, Information Systems

  • Executive Management

Marketing and Sales, Business, Strategic, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries

  • Economy

Industrial, Economy Science, Development, Trade and Electronic, Banking Theology

  • Theology and Islamic Teachings

Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law, Islamic philosophy, Quran and Hadith, cultural history and civilization of Islamic nations

  • Philosophy

Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of West

  • Librarianship

Information Management, Science Researches, Library Management, Knowledge Management

  • Tourism

Tourism Management, Hospitality, Tourism Development Planning, Marketing

  • Communication Science

Journalism, Public Relations, Communication Studies

  • Environment

Environmental Habitats and Biodiversity, Evaluation and Preparation of Land, Environmental Pollution

  • Political Science

Political Science, Area Studies, International Relations, Planning and Welfare and Social Cooperation, Anthropology

  • Psychology

Clinical, Public, Family, Health, Psychometrics, Industrial

  • Traditional and Complementary Medicine

Islamic Iran Medicine, Herbal Medicines, Medicinal Herbs, Nutrition, Personal Hygiene, Bloodletting, Leeches Vibrators, Massage therapy

  • Persian Language and Literature

Comparative Literature, Literature of Resistance, Mystical Literature, Epic Literature

  • Foreign language

Training, Translating, Literature

  • Cinema

Codification, script writing, Directing, Film-taking

  • Theater

Drama, Acting, Choreography, Directing

  • Photography

Architecture, Aviation, Sports, Digital 

  • Craft 

Specialization (based on expertise and has more than 200 orientation)

  • Carpet 

Design, Repair and Finishing, Dyeing

  • Music

Music Theory, Playing, Composition, Arrangng, Musicology

  • Painting 

General Painting, Miniature, Visual Communication, Illustration, Animation design

  • Sewing Design

Cloth Design, Textile Printing Design, Fabric Design 

  • Law 

Private, Penal and Criminology, International, International Business, Family, Environment, Recording 

  • Customs

Customs Management, Customs Transport

  • Geography 

Urban Geography, Weather Geology, Geomorphology, Cartography

  • History

Ancient Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Shiism, Islamic Revolution, Islamic Culture and Civilization, The Public History of World

  • Archeology 

Prehistory, historical Era, Civilization and Islamic Culture, Restoration

  • Physical Education and Sport Science

Expertise (based on the sports ), Physiology and Training, Sports Management, Motive Behavior, Sport Injuries and Corrective Exercises, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Sports Massage


  • Insurance, Risk, and Control
  • Sustainable development & CSR
  • Business Administration and Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Management and Strategy
  • Public management
  • Development, Marketing, and Communications
  • Human ressources
  • Supply chain
  • Information systems and Data
  • Certificates organized abroad