VAE - Validation of Acquired Experience

VAE - Validation of Acquired Experience

Validation of Acquired Experience is the official recognition of experience, knowledge, skills and competences acquired through work and life. It is an individual right that allows the obtention of a degree by working experience.

It is intended to any person with at least 3 years of professional experience, employed or self-employed that may be funded in respect of the Continuing Education.

MIT can validate your experience to obtain an Executive MBA or Executive Master.


VAE procedure for the Executive MBA or Executive Master of MIT

The Evaluation Commission will consider your application to assess its admissibility.

If you are eligible to continue the process of VAE, the Validation Jury* determines three possibilities:

You obtain a VAE intake, which gives you the access to Executive MBA or Executive Master training.

You obtain a partial VAE and you must complete your course by additional training or experience, to be determined by the jury,

You obtain a total VAE, and you get your Executive MBA degree after writing and defense of your thesis


VAE intake

This procedure allows direct access to the training curriculum without justifying the level of education or degrees and certificates, which is normally required.


Total VAE

You still have to write your thesis and professional support before a jury. If you score higher than 12, the "Executive MBA" is delivered to you without having to complete your training or work experience.